About us

BIBUS Industry is a company of the international BIBUS Group with headquarters in Switzerland.
With the expertise of our experienced staff, our relationships with excellent suppliers with high quality products and our extensive knowledge of the local market in Serbia, we aim to meet the needs of our customers holistically. We are more than a pure industrial trading company, but constantly pursue the goal of generating added value for our customers in the various sectors and industries, based on our three core competencies: Engineering, Logistics and Service. 

Products from renowned manufacturers complemented by the high level of expertise of our team of employees enables us to find the optimum solution for every application. Our strength lies in the development of customised solutions. 

Thanks to our wide range of stock, we ensure availability for our customers. We are committed to delivering the right solution with the most suitable components on time and at a reasonable price. Thanks to efficient order processing and handling, we achieve optimum lead times.

We see service as an important part of a well-rounded service offering with complementary added value for our partners and customers. Thanks to our assembly, we assume responsibility for tested, ready-to-install assemblies and systems.
In conjunction with the European and Asian branches of the BIBUS Technology Group, we are able to provide our service to our customers worldwide.